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02 May 2012 @ 11:12 am
[Movie] Ore Ore  
Ore Ore
Premieres 2013.05.25
http://ore-ore.jp/; Johnny's net

Kame has landed the leading role in the movie Ore Ore (It's Me, It's Me) whose release date is planned for next spring. He plays the main role, Nagano Hitoshi, who works in a consumer electronics volume seller. Kame's character picks up the phone of an unknown man and does an "oreore sagi". (Oreore sagi - "me me fraud"; literally. The fraud is the kind of telephone fraud.) Then the day after, a man (Daiki? not sure of kanji reading) with "ore" same face appears, then also another "ore" called Nao appears. Then day after day, the unknown "ore"s multiplies until, starting from an incident caused by Nao, the "deletion" of the many "ore"s starts, and an image with a killed ore is sent to the main character's place.
"The highlight is Kamenashi's cosplay. In order to show the world that will become "ORE", without minding age or gender, he'll cover 25 characters, from big breast to afro, tattooes all over the body, career woman, high school student."
(Translation: iside89. Thank you!)

Based on the book of the same name by Tomoyuki Hoshino. From his wiki (thanks, ina!):
"In 2011, Hoshino won the Kenzaburō Ōe Prize for his novel Ore Ore (2010), which explores the meaning of identity in the postmodern world. The title takes its name from the first-person Japanese pronoun ore (俺 'I' or 'me'?). Early in the novel, the narrator engages in a kind of scam known in Japan as a ore-ore sagi (俺俺詐欺 'me-me scam'?), in which he calls up an older person, pretends to be a relative, and tries to get the person on the other end of the phone line to send money. In the novel, the narrator finds himself unwittingly pulled into the life of the person whose identity he has fraudulently assumed, at the same time that someone else assumes his identity. This starts a chain-reaction of identity-stealing that extends to the edges of society, creating an increasingly surreal and dangerous world in which no one is exactly whom they seem."

Director/Scriptwriter Miki Satoshi's comments on Kame:
"My first impression of Kamenashi was that he has a very high ability to grasp the situation and atmosphere. His analysis of the script and ability to understand what is being expected from him; as well as his cleverness in being able to deliver to meet those expectations, he has all these capabilities."
"As the production process carries on, I am starting to think that there is no one else who can handle this incomprehensible role except Kamenashi"
(Thanks, mienai1582. A little more detail in the thread here.)


ETA 6/30: Picture dept., the international company in charge of Ore Ore movie world distribution, announced on their official Twitter account that next Monday (July 2nd) there will be a press release about Ore Ore. (Entry here.)

ETA 7/2: Supporting cast revealed. The heroine is played by Uchida Yuki. The rest of the cast includes Kase Ryo, Takahashi Keiko, Kimura Midoriko, Fuse Eri, Iwamatsu Ryo, Matsushige Yutaka, and Matsuo Suzuki.

ETA 10/10: The premiere date is 2013.05.25.

ETA 12/3: Kame will play 33 characters in the film and the article below has a preview of his characters in cute cartoon form.

ETA 2/14: There will be an Ore Ore event on 2013.02.21. Family Club members were able to apply to attend the event until 2013.02.14 at 9AM. Event entry here.

Ore Ore will be turned into a two-part manga by Umeda Abi. It will be in the April and May issues of Monthly Princess. The April issue goes on sale 2013.03.06. (source) Manga entry here.

ETA 2/19: According to a new Ore Ore movie flyer, KAT-TUN will be singing the main theme song, titled FACE to Face.

ETA 2/21: The new movie trailer can be viewed on the official site, and you can also hear a preview of KAT-TUN's FACE to Face in the second half of it. The site has also been updated with a page featuring info/names/character drawings of Kame's 33 roles in the movie, as well as a Mission page, which lists 33 missions Kame will challenge before the May 25 premiere date. Main mission entry with details here.

ETA 3/27: Ore Ore entry with various promotional details (J-web, entag!, etc) here.

ETA 4/9: Goods entry added here.

ETA 4/16: The 15th edition of the Far East Film Festival in Udine, Italy will have a screening of Ore Ore (It's Me, It's Me) on 2013.04.19 at 22:30, the festival's opening day. According to the official site, Kame will be attending the event. Entry here.

ETA 4/30: Ore Ore won the MY MOVIES AUDIENCE AWARD at the FAR EAST FILM Festival 15. Main entry here.

ETA 5/11: There will be an illustrated reference/picture book for Ore Ore with Kame (Ore Ore Zukan: Kamenashi Kazuya in the Movie "Ore Ore") that will release 2013.05.25. It will have coverage of the Ore Ore movie set, information on all the "Ore" characters Kame plays, off-shot pictures, photos exclusive to the book, etc.

There will also be an Ore Ore press con on 2013.05.14. Johnny's Family Club members had the chance to apply for the event earlier this month.

ETA 6/3: Ore Ore theater greetings entry posted here. Goods entry updated here.
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