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[Movie] Eien no 0

Eien no 0
Release date: 2013

Ueda will appear in the movie "Eien no 0" (The eternal zero). V6's Okada stars in it and the movie will open in 2013. The story is based on a famous book with the same title by Hyakuta Naoki.
Next to Okada Junichi, the co-actors will be Miura Haruma and Inoue Mao. Director is Takashi Yamazaki.
The creative production is by ROBOT inc. (the same as "Wild 7")

The plot: "It's about a young man and his older sister who have recently discovered that the man they considered to be their grandfather is actually a step-grandfather and that their real grandfather died as a kamikaze pilot in World War 2. They set out to interview people who knew their real grandfather during the war and unlock the secret as to why their grandfather, described by some as "the worst coward in the navy," and by others a real lover of life, committed suicide as a kamikaze pilot in August 1945, just before Japan's surrender." (from here)

The official movie website is here. Source here.

ETA 07/01: Character chart was updated. Ueda's character is a soldier of the War time (so in the "past" part of the movie). He's called Koyama and is a crew member pilot of a Zero fighter plane, belonging to Miyabe platoon (the character played by Okada). Part of the aviation in Rabaul.
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