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[CM] Puzzle & Dragons Z

Puzzle & Dragons Z
Kame & Junno

According to Johnny's net under the CM section, Kame and Junno will be the CM image characters for GungHo Online Entertainment's new Nintendo 3DS game Puzzle & Dragons Z. The game is a sequel to the popular mobile game Puzzle & Dragons. (For the curious, a couple English articles regarding the game are here: 1, 2)

Kame and Junno will be featured in the male version of the CM (15s/30s), which will start airing from 2013.12.20. The theme is "Attack! Z First Experience". The entertainers chosen have had experience with the mobile version of the game (Puzzle & Dragons), but the CM shows their reactions as they play the sequel Puzzles & Dragons Z for the first time. A 60s version will air on 2014.01.01 and 2014.01.04.

60s Version Schedule -
2014.01.01 Dai Tokyo Toy Box Midokoro (TV Tokyo) 24:25-24-55
2014.01.04 Dai Tokyo Toy Box (TV Tokyo) 24:30-24:55

More info to be added when available.
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