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[Drama] First Class

First Class
Starts 2014.04.19 on Saturdays @ 11:10PM

Nakamaru has been cast in the Fuji TV modern Cinderella story First Class starring Sawajiri Erika. Hailing from Yokohama, his character is named Nishihara Itsuki (26yrs old), an assistant photographer attached to the same fashion magazine where Sawajiri's character Yoshinara Chinami works in the editorial department. Itsuki is a prince-like character, the type who handles anything flawlessly. He excelled in middle school and high school and was blessed with many friends, but in college, he couldn't find what he wanted to do. He is part of the generation in the interval between Japan's generation of cram-free education and the Lost Generation.

Sawajiri's Chinami has always wanted to work in the fashion industry, having graduated from a fashion school, but her hunt for a job at fashion manufacturers and publishers continues to be unsuccessful. Even so, she wants to work with fashion and finds work in a clothing material shop. However, one ordinary day, she suddenly lands a job as an editor at the renowned fashion magazine 'First Class'.

Nakamaru's Itsuki is one of Chinami's few allies in her new workplace, a connection that after a while develops into a love relationship.

Note: Nakamaru has 2nd billing after Sawajiri Erika, which is a good sign concerning his screentime in the drama.

More info to come when available.

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