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[Stage] Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump

Junno has been cast in the stage play Forrest Gump, based on the novel of the same name, as young Forrest. It's a human drama rich with laughter and deep emotion.

Source is currently KAT-TUN's news message board for JFC members. Online sources and more details to be added when available.

ETA 3/10: Official website added. Junno is the lead in the stage play, as revealed by his top billing on the site. Congrats to Junno!

Note: There was an earlier rumor of Junno learning how to play the harmonica. It seems this is confirmed as "Forrest Gump is given a harmonica by his best friend Bubba in the Ape Dorm of the University of Alabama in the Forrest Gump novel. He quickly found that he had a natural talent for playing the instrument." (source)

KFC_223 - 1, 2
purin0315kj - 1

Forrest Gump
The Globe Tokyo
S Seat------
A Seat------
B Seat------
Morinomiya Piloti Hall
All Seats------
The Globe Tokyo
5/30 (F)19:00
5/31 (Sa)18:00
6/01 (Su)13:00/18:00
6/02 (M)14:00
6/03 (T)BREAK
6/04 (W)14:00/19:00
6/05 (Th)14:00
6/06 (F)13:00
6/07 (Sa)13:00/18:00
6/08 (Su)13:00
6/09 (M)19:00
6/10 (T)14:00/19:00
6/11 (W)BREAK
6/12 (Th)14:00
6/13 (F)13:00
6/14 (Sa)13:00/18:00
6/15 (Su)13:00
6/16 (M)14:00
6/17 (T)14:00/19:00
6/18 (W)BREAK
6/19 (Th)19:00
6/20 (F)13:00
6/21 (Sa)13:00/18:00
6/22 (Su)13:00
Morinomiya Piloti Hall
6/25 (W)19:00
6/26 (Th)14:00/19:00
6/27 (F)19:00
6/28 (Sa)13:00/18:00
6/29 (Su)13:00

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