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Concert + Album Announcement

KAT-TUN's first nationwide tour as 4nin kicks off 2014.07.08 at the Tokyo International Forum, where the group had their first concert Okyakusama wa Kamisama. The tour will end with a Countdown Live in Kyocera Dome Osaka.

KAT-TUN's new album come Here will release on 2014.06.25.

KAT-TUN LIVE TOUR 2014 come Here
Dates Venue
2014.07.08 Tokyo International Forum Hall A
2014.07.17-18 Grand Cube Osaka Main Hall
2014.07.26-27 Yokohama Arena
2014.08.9-10 Hokkaido Prefectural Sports Center (Kitayell)
2014.08.14 Nagoya・Nippon Gaishi Sports Plaza Gaishi Hall
2014.08.16-17 Sendai Sekisui Heim Super Arena
2014.08.23-24 Marine Messe Fukuoka
2014.09.13 Hiroshima Green Arena
2014.09.26-28 Tokyo・Yoyogi Daiichi Taiikukan
2014.12.30-31 Kyocera Dome Osaka

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More info to be added when available.
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