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In Fact Oricon Chart

In Fact
Release Date: 2014.06.04
Day 1 89,707 89,707
Day 2 25,260 114,967
Day 3 10,876 125,843
Day 4 6,212 132,055
Day 5 6,059 138,114
Day 6 4,899 143,013
1st Week 145,872

KAT-TUN are #1 with the first day Oricon sales numbers.

Though the Oricon week isn't over yet! If you can and if you haven't bought yet, please consider supporting KT's In Fact! :)

ETA 6/11: Total first week sales for In Fact are 145,872 copies, making it KAT-TUN's 22nd consecutive single to gain the #1 spot on the Oricon charts in the first week since debut.
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