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[Stage] Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump

Junno has been cast in the stage play Forrest Gump, based on the novel of the same name, as young Forrest. It's a human drama rich with laughter and deep emotion.

Source is currently KAT-TUN's news message board for JFC members. Online sources and more details to be added when available.

ETA 3/10: Official website added. Junno is the lead in the stage play, as revealed by his top billing on the site. Congrats to Junno!

Note: There was an earlier rumor of Junno learning how to play the harmonica. It seems this is confirmed as "Forrest Gump is given a harmonica by his best friend Bubba in the Ape Dorm of the University of Alabama in the Forrest Gump novel. He quickly found that he had a natural talent for playing the instrument." (source)

KFC_223 - 1, 2
purin0315kj - 1

Forrest Gump
The Globe Tokyo
S Seat------
A Seat------
B Seat------
Morinomiya Piloti Hall
All Seats------
The Globe Tokyo
5/30 (F)19:00
5/31 (Sa)18:00
6/01 (Su)13:00/18:00
6/02 (M)14:00
6/03 (T)BREAK
6/04 (W)14:00/19:00
6/05 (Th)14:00
6/06 (F)13:00
6/07 (Sa)13:00/18:00
6/08 (Su)13:00
6/09 (M)19:00
6/10 (T)14:00/19:00
6/11 (W)BREAK
6/12 (Th)14:00
6/13 (F)13:00
6/14 (Sa)13:00/18:00
6/15 (Su)13:00
6/16 (M)14:00
6/17 (T)14:00/19:00
6/18 (W)BREAK
6/19 (Th)19:00
6/20 (F)13:00
6/21 (Sa)13:00/18:00
6/22 (Su)13:00
Morinomiya Piloti Hall
6/25 (W)19:00
6/26 (Th)14:00/19:00
6/27 (F)19:00
6/28 (Sa)13:00/18:00
6/29 (Su)13:00

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[Drama] First Class

First Class
Starts 2014.04.19 on Saturdays @ 11:10PM

Nakamaru has been cast in the Fuji TV modern Cinderella story First Class starring Sawajiri Erika. Hailing from Yokohama, his character is named Nishihara Itsuki (26yrs old), an assistant photographer attached to the same fashion magazine where Sawajiri's character Yoshinara Chinami works in the editorial department. Itsuki is a prince-like character, the type who handles anything flawlessly. He excelled in middle school and high school and was blessed with many friends, but in college, he couldn't find what he wanted to do. He is part of the generation in the interval between Japan's generation of cram-free education and the Lost Generation.

Sawajiri's Chinami has always wanted to work in the fashion industry, having graduated from a fashion school, but her hunt for a job at fashion manufacturers and publishers continues to be unsuccessful. Even so, she wants to work with fashion and finds work in a clothing material shop. However, one ordinary day, she suddenly lands a job as an editor at the renowned fashion magazine 'First Class'.

Nakamaru's Itsuki is one of Chinami's few allies in her new workplace, a connection that after a while develops into a love relationship.

Note: Nakamaru has 2nd billing after Sawajiri Erika, which is a good sign concerning his screentime in the drama.

More info to come when available.


purin0315kj - 1, 2
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[Movie] Vancouver Asahi

Vancouver Asahi
Premieres 2014.12

Kame will play the ace pitcher in the baseball bio pic Vancouver Asahi starring Tsumabuki Satoshi (shortstop). The movie is about the legendary Japanese-Canadian baseball team of the same name and their time in the 1930s and before the events of World War II when the team was disbanded ("members were dispersed across Canada due to the Japanese Canadian internment" - wikipedia). Kame's character is "ロイ永西", a second-generation immigrant working in the fishing industry, but who is also the team's ace.

Other actors in the roles of the baseball team include Katsuji Ryou (second baseman), Kamiji Yusuke (catcher), Ikematsu Sosuke (third baseman), etc.

Filming will take place in Tochigi prefecture, where they will make open sets of the baseball grounds and 45 other buildings during that time period. They will be reproducing the Japanese town area of pre-war Vancouver. Canada location shooting will also take place. Filming should be finished by end of April.

For more information about the Vancouver Asahi, see the following links:

Film sources, etc:

purin0315kj - (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)
KFC_223 - (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
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[Movie] Joker Game

Joker Game
Premieres 2015

Kame has landed the leading role in the action suspense movie Joker Game. He plays Katou Keijirou Jiro (will confirm reading later reading confirmed), a military officer possessing both a genius mind and exceptional physical abilities. He is saved by a secret organization, the D Agency, just before his capital punishment can be carried out for disobeying the direct order of a superior officer. He is then appointed to the role of a spy.

Filming started on January 4, and Kame starts shooting himself on January 6. For the role, he cut his hair for a drastic change. There will be overseas location shootings in such countries as Singapore and Indonesia as well as explosion scenes.

Based on the mystery spy novel of the same name by author Yanagi Koji:
"A fictitious spy-training organization established within the Japanese army on the eve of World War II is the centerpiece of this set of linked short stories. The D Agency comes into being in autumn 1937 as an independent army unit formed under the private initiative of Lieutenant Colonel Yuki. As rumor has it, Yuki was once a brilliant agent himself who ferreted out multiple secrets in enemy territory until he was betrayed by an ally; he was caught and tortured before he managed to escape, which explains why he has no left hand and always walks holding a cane with his left foot dragging behind him. Dubbed "the Lord of Darkness," Yuki teaches according to principles that flatly challenge established army wisdom. He bans military dress and behavior and instead drills his protégés to become unseen apparitions; according to him, the unwritten army code that a captured soldier should kill either the enemy or himself is the epitome of stupidity and the worst possible choice a spy can make. For his training course Yuki rejects Army Academy graduates and instead picks candidates from far and wide, producing a dozen crack spies expert not only in multiple languages but also in such skills as disguise and lockpicking. Under false identities, these agents go their solitary ways to fulfill daring missions in Tokyo, Yokohama, Shanghai and elsewhere, all the while remembering Yuki's teachings. [...]"
(Copied from source)


More info to come when available.
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[CM] Puzzle & Dragons Z

Puzzle & Dragons Z
Kame & Junno

According to Johnny's net under the CM section, Kame and Junno will be the CM image characters for GungHo Online Entertainment's new Nintendo 3DS game Puzzle & Dragons Z. The game is a sequel to the popular mobile game Puzzle & Dragons. (For the curious, a couple English articles regarding the game are here: 1, 2)

Kame and Junno will be featured in the male version of the CM (15s/30s), which will start airing from 2013.12.20. The theme is "Attack! Z First Experience". The entertainers chosen have had experience with the mobile version of the game (Puzzle & Dragons), but the CM shows their reactions as they play the sequel Puzzles & Dragons Z for the first time. A 60s version will air on 2014.01.01 and 2014.01.04.

60s Version Schedule -
2014.01.01 Dai Tokyo Toy Box Midokoro (TV Tokyo) 24:25-24-55
2014.01.04 Dai Tokyo Toy Box (TV Tokyo) 24:30-24:55


More info to be added when available.
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2014.01.09 Ima, Kono Kao ga Sugoi! (TBS) 22:00-22:54 22:09-23:09

KAT-TUN will take part in a new project for Ima, Kono Kao ga Sugoi! starting January 9th. They will team up with Sakurai Sho as the "Johnny's team", opposed to the "TV celebrities team" formed by the other MC, Ariyoshi, and other celebrities. The teams will try to appeal to an audience of 100 people who'll decide which of the 2 teams is best. (Thank you, iside89! Original tweet here.)

1, 2, 3

It remains to be seen whether or not this will become a regular thing, but let's all hope for the best. Appearance in a prime time slot next to a popular Arashi member = good exposure! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧
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[Concert] 2013 Goods

The goods list for COUNTDOWN LIVE 2013 KAT-TUN was sent out to fanclub members who are now receiving their concert tickets. Will post a link from Johnny's net when available.

Item Price (Yen)
Pamphlet ¥2,000
Jumbo Uchiwa (4 versions) ¥500 each
Poster ¥800
Clearfile (5 versions) ¥500 each
Original Photoset (5 versions) ¥600 each
Original Mini-Penlight ¥1,000
T-Shirt ¥2,800
Shopping Bag ¥800
Bath Towel ¥3,000
2014 Calendar ¥1,000
Key Holder ¥500

5 versions = Group・Kame・Junno・Ueda・Maru


ETA 12/27: Goods list now on Johnny's net. Updated pamphlet and mini-penlight prices.
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2013.12.13 Oha!4 NEWS LIVE (NTV) 4:00-5:50
Note: The show had a segment on Tamaki Koji. Kame was briefly shown in footage where he receives a guitar as a present from him. (1)

2013.12.14 Zoomin!! Saturday (NTV) 5:30-8:00
Kame ---> live in the studio for Tokyo Bandwagon

2013.12.27 MUSIC STATION SUPER LIVE 2013 (TV Asahi) 19:00-??:??

2014.01.10 Sekai de Ichiban Yasashi Kuni ~Zenkoku no Minna-san Osewa ni Narimasu~ (Tentative Title) (TBS) 24:35-25:35
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The following news shows mentioned Hottake BAND's Sayonara☆Arigatou weekly #1 ranking -
2013.11.12 Mezanyu~ (Fuji TV) 4:00-5:25 (4:20-?)
2013.11.12 Oha!4 NEWS LIVE (NTV) 4:00-5:50 (5:09-?)
2013.11.12 news every. (NTV) 16:50-19:00 (17:39-?)
2013.11.13 ZIP! (NTV) 5:50-8:00 (5:59-?)
(1, 2, 3)

2013.11.13 ZIP! (NTV) 5:50-8:00 (6:37-?)
Nakamaru ---> comments re: Best Artist 2013

2013.11.14 ZIP! (NTV) 5:50-8:00 (5:59-?)
Kame ---> Ore Ore Limited Edition DVD ranking #1

The following news shows had 楔-kusabi-/GIMME LUV PV previews and interviews with KAT-TUN -
2013.11.15 Mezamashi TV (Fuji TV) 5:25-8:00 (6:44-?)
2013.11.15 ZIP! (NTV) 5:50-8:00 (7:49-?)
2013.11.15 PON! (NTV) 10:25-11:25 (10:35-?)
(1, 2, 3)

2013.11.17 Shuuichi (NTV) 7:30-9:55 (8:54-?)
KAT-TUN ---> 楔-kusabi-/GIMME LUV PV preview

The following news shows had KIRIN's Nodogoshi Dream of Dreams press con footage with Kame -
2013.11.21 Good! Morning (TV Asahi) 4:55-8:00 (5:18-?,5:43-?)
2013.11.21 Mezamashi TV (Fuji TV) 5:25-8:00 (6:42-?)
2013.11.21 Asazuba! (TBS) 5:30-8:30 (6:47-?)
2013.11.21 TOKYO MX NEWS (TOKYO MX) 7:00-8:00 (7:21-?)
(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11)

2013.11.23 Tokyo Bandwagon ~ Shitamachi Daikazoku Monogatari Navi (NTV) 11:20-11:25

2013.11.23 Pinspo (NTV) 16:50-17:00
Kame w/ Tabe Mikako ---> Tokyo Bandwagon Ep.7 feature

Ueda was in the 2013.11.23 Honoo no Taiikukai TV SP (w/ Massu) broadcast. Main entry updated here.

2013.11.23 Going! Sports&News (NTV) 23:55-24:59

2013.11.24 LIVE MONSTER (NTV) 23:30-23:55
KAT-TUN ---> VTR comment ONLY (question to PornoGraffitti)

2013.11.27 Best Artist 2013 (NTV) 19:00-??:?? 
KAT-TUN ---> Keep the Faith + 楔-kusabi- medley (btw 7-8pm)
Kame ---> Hottake BAND (after 9pm)

2013.11.28 Sukkiri!! (NTV) 8:00-10:25 (9:13-?,9:24)
KAT-TUN ---> Best Artist behind-the-scenes

2013.11.28 Mezamashi TV (Fuji TV) 5:25-8:00 (5:52-?)
Note: Only briefly shown in the background in footage from Satomi Kotaro's 77th b-day golf competition
(1, 2, 3, 4)

2013.11.29 Music Station 3hr SP (TV Asahi) 18:53-21:48
KAT-TUN ---> Real Face + 楔-kusabi- medley

2013.12.02 Shabekuri 007 Nihon no Otoko All-Star 2hr SP (NTV) 21:00-22:54

The following news shows had Eien no 0 press con footage with Ueda -
2013.12.03 Mezanyu~ (Fuji TV) 4:00-5:25 (4:19-?,4:59,5:16-?)
2013.12.03 Good! Morning (TV Asahi) 4:55-8:00 (5:19-?,5:39-?)
2013.12.03 Mezamashi TV (Fuji TV) 5:25-8:00 (6:42-?)
2013.12.03 Asazuba! (TBS) 5:30-8:30 (6:44-?)
2013.12.03 ZIP! (NTV) 5:50-8:00 (5:56,5:57-?,6:35-?,7:51-?)
2013.12.03 TOKYO MX NEWS (TOKYO MX) 7:00-8:00 (7:10-?,7:39-?)
2013.12.08 Shuuichi (NTV) 7:30-9:55
Cinemaholic NEWS (Japan Film Specialty Channel)
12/07 28:30-?
12/08 8:50-?, 23:50-?
12/09 22:50-?, 28:20-?
12/11 13:20-?
12/12 17:40-?
12/13 13:20-?
(1, 2, 3)
(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15)

The following news shows mentioned KAT-TUN's 楔-kusabi- #1 ranking -
2013.12.03 Mezanyu~ (Fuji TV) 4:00-5:25 (4:18-?,4:56-?,5:18-?)
2013.12.03 Oha!4 NEWS LIVE (NTV) 4:00-5:50 (5:11-?)
2013.12.03 Mezamashi TV (Fuji TV) 5:25-8:00 (5:51-?)
(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

2013.12.06 Sukkiri!! (NTV) 8:00-10:25
Kame ---> VTR

2013.12.08 Shuuichi (NTV) 7:30-9:55
KAT-TUN ---> Hakone Trip (gourmet & onsen)

2013.12.08 JAPAN COUNTDOWN (TV Tokyo) 9:30-10:00
KAT-TUN ---> album chart ranking

2013.12.12 Ima, Kono Kao ga Sugoi! (TBS) 22:00-22:54

2013.12.14 Tokyo Bandwagon ~ Shitamachi Daikazoku Monogatari Overall Review & (Secret) Making Footage Koukai (NTV) 15:00-16:00
2013.12.14 Saturday Drama "Tokyo Bandwagon" Navi (NTV) 16:55-17:00

2013.12.1825 Shounen Club Premium (NHK-BS Premium) 20:00-20:59
2013.12.2027 Shounen Club Premium (NHK-BS Premium) 18:00-18:59 [re-run]
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2013.11.06 ZIP! (NTV) 5:50-8:00
Kame ---> Hottake BAND live performance

2013.11.10 Kyoukun no Susume (Fuji TV) 19:58-20:54

2013.11.11 PON! (NTV) 10:25-11:25 (10:29-?)
Kame ---> footage of Hottake BAND's surprise performance at Tokyo Woman's Christian University on 11/10

The songs KAT-TUN perform in the 2013.11.20 Shounen Club Premium are 楔-kusabi and PRECIOUS ONE. Main entry updated here.

2013.11.24 Kyoukun no Susume (Fuji TV) 19:58-20:54